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New Beginning...

Updated: Jun 14

Trendy mature black woman model
Looking through a church door in Suffolk

I was so pleased when I launched my first acting website 12 years ago. Now when I look at my new website, I am truly beyond thrilled.


Although I was confident I could complete the build, I was less secure in my abilities to fine-tune the design. With the help of my friend Rol Blunk, photographer/graphic designer, who shot all my photography and advised with the design, I learnt not only how to construct my website from scratch, but also the importance of fine typography and layout.


My website, as you can clearly see, now has two facets to it: 'acting' as well as 'modelling'. And it is the modelling that is the new development in my career. Step inside, have a rummage and I do hope you enjoy what you see. Moreover, of course, do contact me if you have any projects you wish to discuss.


P.S I would just like to add that my website provider, Wix, has been extremely supportive!


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Dec 27, 2023

Well done Leonie, you have achieved a great site, almost on your own and as a first build, that is a great achievement! Rol&

Leonie Charles
Leonie Charles
Dec 29, 2023
Replying to

Thank you very much for viewing my blog and commenting Rol&, and your lovely words. It's very much appreciated. Leonie

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